Restoring the Mana of the Whenua

Supporting Documents

Downloadable Supporting Documents

Predator Free NZ Feasibility Study

Download “Predator Free NZ Feasibility Study”

1-Predator-Free-New-Zealand-Website-version-3.pdf – Downloaded 1563 times – 594.87 KB

Appendix A – Supporting Reports

Download “DOC Recommendations for the Goodnature Trap”

3-DOC-Goodnature-recommendation.pdf – Downloaded 1018 times – 429.65 KB

Download “Rat Control Harts Hill (100m x 100m), Fiordland Project Report”

5-HARTS-HILL-A24-100x100-PROJECT-REPORT.pdf – Downloaded 836 times – 486.20 KB

Download “Rat Control Harts Hill (100m x 50m), Fiordland Project Report”

4-HARTS-HILL-A24-100x50-PROJECT-REPORT.pdf – Downloaded 915 times – 453.02 KB

Download “Goodnature A24 Trap Mechanical Reliability Project Report”

6-A24-MECHANICAL-PROJECT-REPORT.pdf – Downloaded 937 times – 852.69 KB

Download “Native Island Rat Eradication Project Report”

7-NATIVE-ISLAND-ERADICATION-A24-PROJECT-REPORT.pdf – Downloaded 854 times – 449.27 KB

Download “Great Island A24 Stoat Eradication Project Update 01”

GREAT_ISLAND_Rev02.pdf – Downloaded 909 times – 1.01 MB

Appendix B – Letter of Support for Predator Free NZ from Hon. Maggie Barry

Download “Letter of Support and Recognition from the Honourable Maggie Barry”

9-Letter-Hon.-Maggie-Barry.pdf – Downloaded 814 times – 312.48 KB

Appendix C – Auckland Uni. Report into Economic and Tourism Benefits of a Predator Free NZ

Download “Auckland University Study into Economic and Tourism Benefits”

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