Restoring the Mana of the Whenua


Immediate action is required


If we do not take immediate and bold action, New Zealand’s wildlife is at a tipping point toward mass extinctions, which will result in our forests containing nothing but rats, stoats, weasels, feral cats and Australian possums instead of our unique birds. Our native wildlife cannot survive alongside these introduced predators. Only 1/8 of the conservation estate/National Parks has any predator ‘control’, leaving 7 million hectares unprotected.


Current control methods are failing

Current methods of control rely mainly on the mass application of tens of thousands of tons of toxins every year which have failed to halt the steep decline of New Zealand’s unique native species. The critical state of New Zealand’s wildlife is proof that past and current control methods are not working.


There is a long term solution acceptable to all New Zealanders

Over the last decade successful, innovative, New Zealand invented and manufactured non toxin self-resetting traps have been developed. These exciting state of the art traps are now sold in 17 countries throughout the world, successfully combating rats, mice, grey squirrels, feral cats, ermine, (stoats), snakes and mongoose. This technology can be deployed throughout New Zealand’s mainland, including native forests, urban and suburban areas at a total cost of approx. $5 billion over a 15 to 20 year period.


Financial benefit

A predator free New Zealand has been calculated to deliver $NZ9 billion in financial benefits.


A non-political organisation working from the ground up

A non-political organisation (NGO) will ensure that future political interference does not happen. An NGO is the only vehicle to have the ability to attract a large proportion of the necessary long term funding to ensure the success of a predator free New Zealand.

We have to take bold measures ‘NOW’ ~ scale up our efforts so that we arrest the steep decline in our precious wildlife to prevent any further extinctions. Please read this document carefully ~ it is the future of New Zealanders and our country, we do not have the luxury of time.


Les Kelly, founder of the original Predator Free New Zealand

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